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What is your bra size?
My favorite bra is a Jeunique 38KK cup. Out of all the bras that I own, the Jeunique 38KK cups can handle almost all of my breasts. It's the best fit that I've found so far. Bra sizes vary so much by maker and the fit can be dramatically affected by the fabric used so I have bras ranging in size from 46DDD to 38MM cups. This includes 46DDD, 44 GGG, 44II, 42JJ, 42JJJ, 40K, 38KK, and wear LL cup Bras and MM cups bras with back extenders because those huge cups only seem to come in 32. I'm not sure how I will handle lactating someday, I'm already finding that the largest bras out there are nursing bras. I suppose I'll have to go custom when the time comes. Sometimes I buy bras that are too small, just because they are so pretty and they don't come in my size.

What are your measurements?

I'm sporting a 54" bustline, a 38" waist and 57" hips. I am 5'1" tall and the areolas of my breasts are 4 3/4 " across.

Does your back hurt?

I have had neck and shoulder problems, but after so many years I have a pretty strong back. I have been offered a breast reduction but the procedure involves removing the nipple and there is risk of a loss sensation. Also, breast reduction could possibly damage the chances of breastfeeding sucessfully. and I want to breastfeed my children someday.

Do you mind when men look?
I love it when men look long as they aren't rude about it. When the attention is flattering I enjoy it, when it's offensive and crude I don't. Men are generally very discreet and complimentary, and sometimes just plain curious. It is women that openly stare.

Do you have to get your bras custom made?
Yes and No, department stores carry up to ddd. I have found several places online and a few local stores that sell G and H cups and I found a great place for very comfortable bras that are custom made to sizes up to Z. The links where I actually buy my bras are on my links page. I typically buy bras that don't fit very well, and am always searching for premade bras in my size.

Do you have a nude "just for me, I promise I won't show it to anybody"?
There are topless nudes in my members area and some at my yahoo group as well. My photo galleries are updated at least once a week.

Why did you do this web page?
I do it as a creative outlet. I've always been a closet exhibitionist and also into voyeurism. I like the attention and it's fun to be a little naughty sometimes. I design my website and make all of the photos myself.

Have you ever modeled before?
No, I have never modeled before. I have recieved some offers from photographers, website owners, film producers and magazines, but so far I only model for myself and for my fans online.
At the beginning of 2003 I was contacted by the editor of JuGGs magazine and I was selected to be in The Best of JuGGs Internet Amateurs 2003 issue. My apperance in The Best of JuGGs Internet Amateurs 2003 Issue could be my one and only appearance in a publication so after July 15th 2003, a limited edition of signed and numbered issues will be available in my store.

Why do you blur your face in your pictures?
I blur my face because I have a career I'm keeping my identity to myself.

Can I buy one of your bras ?
Some of my bras are available for sale in my Lush Store along with other special items featuring real women with real curves.

What do you like done to your breasts?
All I will say is, my breasts like lots of attention...sometimes soft sometimes harder, it really just depends on my mood, or their mood ;)

What crazy things can you do with your breasts?
I can hold books with my breasts and things like the remote control for my tv, a flashlight, a hairbrush and I can also make a barbie doll dance. If I swing my shoulders back and forth in just the right way, I suppose they could be used as weapons too.

What are your favorite brands in bras?
I like Fantasie, Glamorise, Katy Rose, Jeunique, Cameo Intimates, Prima Donna and Lunaire. I like pretty bras that are made with very soft fabric.

Will you meet me?
I am not looking to meet anybody right now, but someday I could change my mind.

I am really handsome and rich, will you meet me?
You'll have to do better than that. What else are you?

Do you have your own yahoo club?
Yes, although located in the breast and nipple section of the adult fetishes, there are a few topless images there.
The name is LushBoobs and you can follow this link to check it out

How do I join the club?
You must be 18. You need to get an ID at yahoo.com (which is free). Then
you can go to clubs and do a search for LushBoobs or look up my profile at profiles.yahoo.com/lush_boobs.

What age did you develop? Were you always busty?
I started developing in 5th grade (age 10) and I was a DDD cup by junior high. I wasn't comfortable with the attention that I recieved and I did everything in my power to hide it. I got to my present size in my 20's, and randomly grow and shrink as is visible in my photos.

Will you do picture requests?
I am always looking for ideas so you can always ask via email or post your idea in the requests area of my forum. I may or may not comply but chances are if it's a unique request and interesting to me, I'll probably do it.

Do you read all of the email people send to you?
Yes, I love to read all the nice things people write to me.
All the positive feedback helps motivate me to keep publishing my site.

Do you reply to all of your email personally?
I try to answer it all. Feel free to e-mail me and I will do my best to reply.
Don't be surprised if it takes some time for me to get back to you as I spend a lot of my time modeling and building my website.

Can I send you a letter, gift or outfit to wear in photo or video shoots?
Sure, if you want to. I love getting mail! My mailing address is :

Berlin Blue
11684 Ventura Blvd. # 363
Studio City , CA 91604

I will eventually have a " wishlist " on my links page if you are looking for ideas for things to send.

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